Barstool Sports El Presidente DRAGGED Out of Super Bowl [VIDEO]

#FreePortnoy is the lastest social media trend...

I've talked about Barstool Sports El Presidente before -- aka Dave Portnoy, who is most famously known for his Pizza reviews, and absolutely being a diehard Boston fan.

He's had his beef with the NFL before. He talks (probably more than he should) about the NFL commissioner and has even made t-shirts that pretty much have defamed the guy. He also protested outside of the courthouse during Tom Brady's "deflating the ball" trial -- Which is why the relationship is not so good between Portnoy and the League, thus resulted in him getting kicked out of many interviews and football events.

So let's add the BIG GAME to the list! Not quite sure what happened that caused him to be literally dragged out of the game in Atlanta yesterday... but at least someone caught it on video!


Yes, I'm sure you can anticipate a #FreePortnoy shirt VERY soon!


Oh but wait... THAT'S NOT ALL! He also got kicked out of the PATRIOTS after party 😂 He can't catch a break in that fake mustache!

To all the Patriots fans out there...sorry for your loss of El Presidente, I guess?

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