Eagles Family Defends Carson Wentz After Being Labeled 'Selfish'

Are we being dooped on the internet?!

Apparently, an article from the Philly Voice has surfaced that suggests many inside sources, including players from inside the locker room, that asked to remain anonymous when stating that our leading QB Carson Wentz may not be all that and a bag of chips... 

Not in those words exactly, more like "selfish, egotistical, uncompromising, and not a team guy" 

Clearly that comes as a shock to all of us Philadelphians since we PRAISE and know Carson to be a very spiritual and giving person through his AO1 Foundation and Thy Kingdom Crumb food-truck that shines a light on God's love and graciousness to others. 

Carson Wentz Announces New Food Truck HQ in Cherry Hill!
Carson Wentz Announces New Food Truck HQ in Cherry Hill!
Everyone jump on the Wentz-wagon because our Ginger Jesus is at it again!

Clearly, this article has not sat well with the Philadelphia Eagles family, including some teammates who are speaking to Carson's defense on social media. 


In my personal opinion, now is not the time to start pointing fingers. Our birds had a KILLER season, thanks to Carson Wentz's starting performance & especially Nick Foles for keeping us strong. We can only appreciate what this team has done for Philadelphia and we aren't the ones to judge them on character... that's God's job. 

Let's let our Birds #FlyEaglesFly! 

P.S.-- Who needs Atlanta for the Big Game anyway... when you could go to ATLANTIS instead?! 

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