Nick Foles Shows Love For Philly Supporting Eagles After Heartbreaking Loss

There was nothing more heartbreaking than the Eagles loss last night against the Saints. 

We've been to the Big Game before and now that we've tasted it once, we want it again SO BAD. 

The game was ours until the 2nd half... But hope was regained when the Saints missed the 3 point Field-goal that could have solidified their win. Until, a pass from our beloved Nick Foles slipped through the hands of Alshon Jeffery that caused an interception & handed the ball back to the Saints for the W. 

With our heads in our hands for all of about 5 mintues -- Philly fans quickly took to social media to show support for Alshon and Nick Foles who got us as far as we were in the 2019 Playoffs. 


See!!! Philly isn't full of A$$**les like everyone thinks! 

And although we are completely heartbroken from the idea of potentially seeing our hero/legend Nick Foles' last game with the Eagles (after speculation that he will be getting traded for next season) Foles made a final statement in regards to how much Philadelphia means to him... and it's right up there with how we feel about him <3 


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