Sixers Take Bird Box Challenge To The Next Level [VIDEO]

If you're wondering why your social media feed is being taken over by people in blindfolds... don't worry, it's just Bird Box. 

And now if you're wondering what the heck Bird Box is... SHAME ON YOU IT'S A MUST SEE! It's Sandra Bullock's latest Netflix original where an "unknown force" creates a mass suicide if you see it (whatever 'it' is) -- which is why you're seeing everyone in blindfolds. As for the "bird box" meaning, you're just gonna have to watch 😜

The "Bird Box Challenge" is the latest thing to terrify the internet with people intentionally walking blind into open spaces and either getting hurt, or creating great content for people like me to blog about. 

But the Philadelphia 76ers has just taken the #BirdBoxChallenge to the NEXT LEVEL by incorporating our beloved "birds" aka the Philadelphia Eagles into the skit... check it out!

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