Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons Spotted in KOP Mall! [VIDEO]

I was casually running on the treadmill last night trying to think of things to distract myself (because who actually enjoys running), and I got to thinking... "hmm.... Kendall Jenner is due for a trip to Philly soon -- it's been a couple of weeks now"

Based of my social media investigating, KJ usually takes a trip to visit her boo Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons every-other week-ish. 

And truth be told, I woke up this morning to an insta from Philly Chit Chat confirming my theory! 

KennyJ & Ben aka "Bendall" were spotted christmas shopping in the King of Prussia mall yesterday! Such a cute and normal human date idea right?!?! 

Well... yeah.... until they got bombarded! 🙄


According the Philly Chit Chat, a bunch of screaming girls ran over to Kendall (sorry Ben) for a pic -- and clearly she agreed until things got to be a little too much [AS SEEN BELOW]


Word of advice -- let's leave Bendall be... they're people too who need to get Christmas shopping done! 

And I have a bad feeling that if we keep treating them this way, their appearances in the City of Brotherly Love aren't gonna last much longer.... so let us enjoy from afar my friends! 

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