Philly Pretzel Factory Gives Free Pretzels to People 'Homesick For Philly'

I remember the days in college where I would just CRAVE all things Philly -- whether it be a cheesesteak, federal donut or even a Philly Pretzel... I'd just fall into a complete "homesick for Philly" state.

Which is EXACTLY what Philly Pretzel factory is tapping into tomorrow! On Dec 19th -- if you walk into a Philly Pretzel factory across the nation (that's at least 40 miles outside of the city)  and say "Homesick for Philly" they'll accomodate your City of Brotherly Love withdrawal with a FREE pretzel! 

According to CBS Philly

“Our research shows us that homesick Philadelphians crave iconic Philly foods,” said Jeff Guaracino, president and CEO of Visit Philadelphia, who is teaming up with the Philly Pretzel Factory for the promotion. “We’re excited to team up with Philly Pretzel Factory to give people a free taste of Philly this holiday season while reminding them of their Philadelphia ties and encouraging them to visit—and revisit—the city they love.”

So if you're outside of the City, finishing up finals & anxiously awaiting to come home for the Holidays... Pick up your FREE Philly Pretzel to ease your mind! 

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