Cardi B Is Collaborating with Meek Mill To Piss Off Nicki Minaj? [VIDEO]

I feel like we all need to tuck & roll & take cover because $h!t is about to hit the fan!

It's been the hottest topic in Hollywood since Cardi B threw her show at Nicki Minaj at NYFW and since then, the beef has been COOKING, tea has been SPILLING, and the rapper rivals are coming in HOT. 

Ever since Nicki Minaj allegedly starting talking smack on "Cardi's baby" -- it has been a back and forth battle.

Cardi throws a shoe. 

Minaj releases an apparel line on her website that apparently has hidden messages in the merch that diss new mom Cardi B.

Nicki Minaj Sells Merch Based On Cardi B Fight
Nicki Minaj Sells Merch Based On Cardi B Fight
The merch is based off a quote from Cardi B's Instagram statement about Nicki Minaj: "I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, I let you attempt to stop my bags,...

But what's the ultimate touchè?  Stealing the ex -- DUH!

Sort of, but not really... Cardi B has apparently been collaborating with Philly native Meek Mill, who we all know is Nicki Minaj ex.

Is this a plot to just piss Nicki off? Or is it a record label making a smart move by putting two HOT Atlantic Record Recording artists in a studio to make music? 


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