Shawn Mendez Gets A Make-Over by Taylor Swift [VIDEO]

As if Shawn Mendez wasn't pretty enough...get ready because he just got prettier.

Even other celebs enjoy seeing T-Swift on the Reputation Tour! BUT, not all of them get the special treatment like Shawn Mendez--who was treated to an eye shadow shower in Taylor's make-up chair. 

Apparently, Shawn was home in Canada watching Taylor and Camilla Cabello perform at the Reputation Tour, when he was invited back stage with the ladies for a casual chill sesh... but little did he know he would be getting a full face of make-up from one of the hottest pop stars in the world. 


Now, do we know if Shawn willing sat in the chair? Well, no. But who wouldn't opt for a free make-over from TAYLOR SWIFT?!

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