Cardi B Just Scored A Lifetime Supply of Chips, Guac & Queso From Chipolte

But like, for real... We already know Cardi B is living the dream-- but she just secured her spot on the thrown because the "I Like It" rapper definitely likes the fact that Chipotle just hooked her up with a LIFETIME SUPPLY of Chips, Guac & Queso following her feature in J-Lo's new song called "Dinero"

Cardi sings in the song:

I just want my money, chips, guac, and queso

And Chipotle was like kk your wish is my command, here ya go! 

In the video below that Cardi B posted on IG--the box reads "We hear you Cardi B. Here’s all the chips, guac, and queso, the most precious dinero" --with the stacks of "money" inside, valid for one free chips, guac & queso. 



So if you're thinking of the next big thing that can score you free Chipotle like Cardi, here's some inspo...

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