Jay-Z is PISSED at Philly for Moving the Made In America Festival

GUYS! Queen Bey's Hubby is MAD at Philly...as fellow rapper Drake would say, "I'm Upset". 

Rapper Jay-Z, who owns the Made In America Festival, is having it out with the City of Philadelphia and Mayor Kenney who decided to move the show off the Ben Franklin Parkway in 2019. 

According to NBCPhiladelphia, the Labor Day festival has been bringing in a bunch of big name artists to the city of brotherly love--where America was in fact declared--since 2012, in order to celebrate the holiday. However, the mayor allegedly made this shocking decision to move the show after this year--without notifying any other parties. 


Yeah...Yikes is right. The Rapper took to the Philly Inquirer to make a statement following the announcement on Tuesday that took him by surprise: 

“We are disappointed that the mayor of the City of Philadelphia would evict us from the heart of the city, through a media outlet, without a sit-down meeting, notice, dialogue, or proper communication...It signifies zero appreciation for what Made in America has built.”

COO of Jay's entertainment company "Roc Nation" also made a statement saying:

“I was trying to set up a meeting with the mayor since April, and I never got any response...This is a global artist, a black American business figure, who has embraced Philadelphia in so many ways. We’ve done so much in Philadelphia because Jay feels that connection to Philadelphia. You’d think they’d arrange for Jay to meet the mayor face to face, just out of normal courtesy. I don’t understand this.”

Of course Philly hearts are broken--and even though Mayor Kenney told the Inquirer that he allegedly 'loves Jay-Z and the festival, but it's causing problems'-- Philly natives are taking to Twitter to vent: 

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