Ocean Resort Casino is My Favorite Place In the World and Here's Why

Ok, here's the deal: I've said it out loud but now I'll put it in writing -- Ocean Resort Casino is EXACTLY what Atlantic City needed to make our Jersey Shore great again...and here's why.

Prior to coming back home to Philly, I used to work/live in Atlantic City where I've seen all sorts of things go down, go up, get lost, die, roll-over and come back...YOU NAME IT I SAW IT. The city has been through a lot, but now we can all take a deep breath because Ocean Resort Casino has come to the rescue

I had the lovely honor of spending the night & day at one of AC's newest casinos, and it was truly a magical experience. I kicked off the night coming into my beautiful hotel room (which over looked the ocean btw--as does EVERY SINGLE ROOM in the resort) and it was beyond dreamy. 


Then in the morning, I did some exploring around the hotel just to see all of it's glory in the beautiful daylight.

Then after I got completely lost in the amazingness of what used to be the former Revel--I ran down to the casino to give away some Demi Lovato and Chainsmokers tix, who are gonna be performing on the Atlantic City beach next week! 


AND THEN I GOT TOTALLY SPOILED... I got to taste test one of the most miraculous french toasts' from Harpers that was probably the most glorious thing I've ever seen in my life--amongst all of their other food samples that I was #blessed to try.

From there, I was by no-means "bikini ready", but I took a grand tour of the beautiful outdoor view and pools at Ocean Resort Casino, even the HQ2 beach & night club that is hands down my new favorite hotspot in Atlantic City (I'd live in the cabana there if I could.)

And after that I pretty much had to kiss Ocean Resort Casino good-bye...until this weekend because I kid you not I'm actually going back again since it's my favorite place in the WHOLE world! 

10/10 recommend and I'll probably see you there!

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