Survey Says: New Jersey is the Most Hated State in America

We love our Jersey residents. Our girl, Rach on the Radio, is proudly from there, along with Charlie Puth and Halsey. But apparently the Garden State was the top of the list for Most Hated State in America.

Before you yell at me, blame the folks who did the survey at Best Life, which is a lifestyle blog. The blog said they looked at the number of people moving into and leaving a state, polls that asked about a resident's state pride and an Instagram account ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Take this all with a grain of salt because Best Life found that Idaho is the least hated state in the union. Nothing against Idaho, but really?

By the way, Pennsylvania is the 20th most hated state and Delaware is number 37.

Do you agree with the list?

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