The easiest possible way to start working out in the new year!

I work out 3-5 times a week and have been for years. Yet somehow there are still weeks where I have a very hard time getting myself to do any exercise at all (Normally after being sick or going on a vacation.) The way I get back into it has been constant my whole life and it's really helped me get back into exercise after being sick, going on vacation, etc.

Here's my method, it works if you are an experienced exercise-er going through a spell of not being motivated or if you have never worked out in your life.

Depending on your level of physical activity in general start with one of these things:

Little/no experience: Walking on a treadmill on an incline or just walking around your room will even work.

Some experience: Pushups or lunges - 10 every day until you get motivated to do more.

Very experienced: Kettlebell swings - 10 every day until you are motivated to do more

Just getting a little tiny bit done each day will catapult your motivation into full workouts! Especially good for people who were just too busy to get any exercise in over the holidays!

Questions/Comments? or @NuggetOnair to reach me!

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