3 Ways To Tell If A Coffee Spot In Philly Will Be Good Or Not

Finding a good coffee place in Philly can be tough, especially if you aren't sure what to look for. Luckily I've gone into the trenches and figured out some of the sure-tell signs you are walking into an establishment with remarkable coffee before you even try it! This all hinges on three things: The barista, the social atmosphere, and the coffee options available.

The first thing you want to take notice of is the barista. This person should be strangely attractive to you even though they aren't your type at all. They should lightly smell of apple cider vinegar and Elmers glue, and be the warmest, most friendly person in the building. There is a decent chance you will leave thinking they are "Totally into you" (For the record, they definitely are just nice to everyone and not into you at all)

Next up is the social atmosphere, you want everyone in there to ignore you harder than a step-parent who doesn't like kids but thinks your mom is hot enough to deal with you. If anyone besides the barista seems friendly at all, it's time to run. You know the coffee is going to be terrible if everyone is all "Hey how are you!"

Finally, the coffee options on the menu will tell you a LOT about the quality of their product. It's imperative that all the options be as boring as possible. The more instagrammable, the worse the coffee will be.

Hopefully this guide saves you a lot of time and energy in searching for your new favorite local coffee place.

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