Doritos-Science: How To Choose The Right Chip For The Right Time

You can't just have any flavor Doritos whenever you want, you will ruin things for yourself and everyone else. Luckily you have me to guide you through the proper use of there main flavors of Doritos. If you want to be happy in life please don't stray from these stone recommendations/commands.

First up is Nacho Cheese:

These are the perfect binge-chip. Open up a bag of these, put them on your stomach, and throw on seasons 1-16 of "Supernatural" or whatever your favorite show to zone out with is.

Next we have Cool Ranch:

The PERFECT party-chip. Good enough to make everyone happy, but the seasoning on these will get old quick so you won't have to deal with one or two people hogging the whole bag like you would the other flavors. You might even have some left over.

Lastly, Spicy Sweet Chili:

Sandwiches and Doritos go together no matter what, but the other flavors aren't quite powerful enough to really enhance a sandwich like these. They are my go-to whenever I have some bread that can support the crunch of Doritos along with all of it's other ingredients. Step 1: Get your favorite sandwich, step 2: Put the Doritos inside, step 3: mash that guy together and enjoy.

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