Pretzel Flavored Beer Coming To Philly?!

Pretzel experts Snyders of Hanover has teamed up with Captain Lawrence to give us a treat in time for the fall! Pretzel-Flavored beer is here and it just might be the new craze. I don't think anything will ever relplace pumpkin-spice latte's int he fall but this may be a close second. There will be both a lager and an ale available to kick off Oktoberfest 2021.

I'm definitely excited to try these but my concern with these flavored beers is always 1. They won't taste like beer and 2. They won't taste enough like the flavor they purport (Not entirely sure if I'm using that word correctly but it feels right.) The delicate balance of flavoring vs beer taste is the hardest obstacle in the way of these beers and I'm hoping they get the blend right!

Even if it isn't exactly perfect, any attempt and combining these flavors deserves some credit, and with a big name like Snyders of Hanover at least we know the pretzel part will be covered by a reputable brand. Once I have them I'll make sure to keep you updated and do the review!

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