Instagram Gives Users New Ways To Filter Unwanted Messages

Just a few days ago I voiced my concerns over weird random dudes messaging women they have never met on Instagram and it looks like IG must have seen my article! Today, the social media platform has unveiled some new features that will stop people you don't know, don't like, or just don't want to talk to from getting in your main DMs.

First, Instagram will be letting you filer messages through keywords that you choose, so if you find yourself getting the same creepy lines from people you can filter using words like "Hot" or "Ay Gurl."

Second, you can filter by people, if you find the same repeat offenders sending you messages that aren't quite worth blocking but still don't sit right with you, then you can move those people's DM's into your other messages folder so they won't disturb you anymore.

This is just the beginning and IG will definitely keep you posted on all the ways to use its new features.


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