A Giant Car Vending Machine is Now Open in Philly!

I first saw this two weeks ago when I went to The Fillmore for our Revolutions for Research event to benefit our friends at AACR.  I literally was stopped in my tracks!  A CAR VENDING MACHINE!? 

You literally give it a large coin and it spits our a car!  

Here are the details from our friends at PhillyVoice:

Carvana pledges to make the process of buying a used car online very simple, allowing you to skip the car dealership or shady Craigslist transactions. They’ve summed up their process in three phrases: “Buy Online. Get It Delivered. Love It or Return It.”  Buying online involves searching their online inventory, which now boasts more than 10,000 cars organized into ten categories like “family-sized,” “commuter’s dream,” “tech-centric,” or “just like new.” 

And yes, all the financials are done online before you actually go pick up your car!

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