Philly is Getting a Board Game Bar & Cafe!

Umm how awesome is this!?  It's called Thirsty Dice and they are hoping to open by Oct 19th!

Here are the details:  It's located at 1642 Fairmount Avenue, the 2,700 square foot space will house 800 board games, plenty of tables to play them on, and a bar and cafe setup!  

Customers will pay $7 each to access the board game library for as long as they want. If you don’t have a clue what you want to play, the staff will make suggestions, explain the rules to you once you’ve made a selection, and they’ll even referee when there’s a dispute!  

Owner Matt Hendricks is from Philly and had this to say about his new business:

“Every year, about 3,000 games come out,” says Hendricks. “I think the value we bring is in finding the best ones and curating a great library of games. Cards Against Humanity is one kind of fun, Battleship is another kind of fun, and Catan and Reef are another kind of fun, and we’ll cater to all of those tastes.”

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