Maroon 5...Taylor Swift...To Do Super Bowl Half-Time Show!?

US Weekly is reporting that Maroon 5 basically signed the paperwork to perform at this year's Super Bowl Half Show in Atlanta.  This comes with other reports that Taylor Swift has also been in talks to do the show.  I personally think it would be awesome if they did it together, because I feel like that's what's been missing the last few years.  The Super Bowl Half-Time show is always AMAZING when it's a few huge artists.  (For example, the best show ever was N'Sync, Britney, Nelly, Aerosmith, and Mary J) But I feel like Taylor wouldn't share the stage.  Or maybe Maroon 5 doesn't want to either.  Regardless, both would be awesome, although Taylor is MUCH better live.  

“The offer has been extended and they’ve pretty much accepted,” says the insider in the latest issue of Us Weekly. It’s a dream come true for Adam Levine and his six bandmates. As the Voice coach told Howard Stern in 2015, “We very actively want to play the Super Bowl.”

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