Drake Brings Out Meek Mill + Joel Embiid During His Shows in Philly!

I was at the show in Saturday night and IT WAS INSANE!  Not only was it beyond sold out, not only did the fan he brought out on stage make the half-court shot to win $250,000 (YES, THAT HAPPENED...watch the video below), but Drake ALSO did Philly a solid and brought out MEEK right before the end of the show to perform "Dreams and Nightmares."  

It's hard to describe how loud it was.  I honestly don't think I ever heard an arena that loud before.  At one point it was so loud with people singing and screaming that you could barely hear Meek and Drake rapping!  

Then last night, Drake brought out Sixers star Joel Embiid to try to make the half-court shot for a fan.  Unfortunately Joel is a little rusty and missed EVERY shot.  Ha!  

Check out the videos below.  It was incredible.  Now if only he Drake would have brought out Rihanna.  Sigh.  Ha!  I will say though that I looked for that shark tattoo all night and I FINALLY spotted it!

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