Dilworth Park Has a New Light Up Misty Fountain and It's Incredible!

This might be the coolest thing to come to Philly since the Eagles won the Super Bowl.  Ha!  I went on Friday night and was completely blown away!  

The simple was to describe it is it's lights and mist in Blue, Green, and Orange that sync up with the subway system below so it mimics the trains pulling in and out of the station!  I MEAN HOW BADASS!

Here are more details from our friends at PhillyMag:

Some background:  Pulse is designed by experiential sculptor Janet Echelman, who’s known for her stunning, billowing works that include material like fishnet (suspended in the sky) and, in the case of Pulse, atomized water particles (mixed with compressed air, so people who walk through the exhibition won’t get wet).

What to expect of the art exhibition? Four-foot-tall sheets of green mist will float above Dilworth Park’s 11,160-square-foot fountain, mimicking the movements of the trolley line underneath, at City Hall/15th Street Station. Eventually, blue and orange mist will appear at the fountain as well — to trace the Market-Frankford and Broad Street lines, respectively.

The mist is actually timed to appear when the subways and trolleys do, creating, in Echelman’s words, “a living X-ray of the city’s circulatory system.”

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