Amazon Announces They Will Start Shipping LIVE Christmas Trees!

This is kind of amazing, especially for people who don't have the ability to go out and cut down a real tree!  Here are the details:

Amazon says the Christmas trees, including Douglas firs and Norfolk Island pines, will be bound and shipped without water in the usual sort of box. Amazon said they'll be sent within 10 days of being cut down, possibly even sooner, and should survive the shipping just fine. said the trees, wreaths and garlands will go on sale in November. Some will qualify for Prime free shipping, and Amazon will offer pre-orders so shoppers can choose a delivery date.

Now, this won't work for me, why, because I put my tree up in the beginning of November, and last year, I didn't take it down until March 17th!  Yes, not lying, I didn't take it down until St Patrick's Day. Ha!  BUT maybe this year I'll just have two trees.  HA.  I really do LOVE Christmas!

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