This is Where You Can See the Brand New Eagles Super Bowl Mural!

I was so excited to see this announced last week!  First, because the more Eagles Super Bowl murals the better, and second, it's right by my house!

I went for a walk this morning and I took the pic.  I was afraid to post it before they play on Thursday because I'm extremely superstitious, but I said, oh hell, we actually DID win last year so let's post it and enjoy.  Plus, IT'S FOOTBALL WEEK AND THE NFL STARTS IT'S ENTIRE SEASON RIGHT HERE IN PHILLY WITH THE EAGLES ON THURSDAY!  (can you tell I'm excited). HA!

The mural, painted by Meg Saligman, is on the side of the Hale Building at Juniper and Sansom.  If you walk to Broad St, and go down Sansom, you can see it that way.  

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