Ryan Howard Officially Retires with a Thank You Letter to Philly!

Another day, another one of our favorites is retiring.  First Chase Utley (even though he still is playing for the Dodgers, he'll be done once their season is over), then Shane Victorino, then Brent Celek, now Ryan Howard.  

Just like Brent Celek, he wrote a letter to Philly.  This time in the Players Tribune.  He starts by saying, "I'm officially announcing my retirement from the game of baseball. It's almost like I blinked, you know? It's almost like I blinked - and suddenly, September 2004 ... it became September 2018,"

We know Ryan had his ups and downs, maybe didn't always play has great as we hoped, but at the end of the day, he gave us a World Series and we'll never forget him for that!  

Love You, Ryan Howard!  And THANK YOU!

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