"This is Us" Filming in Philly!

First, a HUGE shoutout to HughE Dillion aka Philly Chit Chat for not only getting the story, but also the pictures!  

It's so crazy how the most popular show in TV can be filming in Philly and NO ONE KNOWS!  Unfortunately it wasn't the entire cast, it looks like it was just Justin Hartley, and his potential new girlfriend.  Although maybe more cast members were here and we just did know?  

Hughe gave us all the details:

Justin Hartley , who plays Kevin Pearson gazing out onto 6th Street, as legendary NPR host of Fresh Air, Terry Gross waits for instructions on the scene they are about to film. (The darn sidewalk was reflecting against the glass), 

Also in this scene is actress Melanie Liburd  who plays Zoe, a potential new love interest for Kevin. (If you remember, that's how last season ended, with them at the wedding together, and then on the plane).  

It just made the news last week that Liburd has been signed on as a regular on the show. (Deadline)This Is Us Season 3 premieres Tuesday, September 25 at 9 PM on NBC.

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