Help Choose Which Philly Celebrity Should be SEPTA's New Announcer!

This is awesome!  Septa wants YOU to help vote for it's next announcer and they want it to be a famous Philly celebrity!  It's hard to have ONE vote.  Part of me thinks it should be someone who actually grew up IN Philly, actually using SEPTA.  Kevin Hart, Questlove, Will Smith, but I also love the idea of someone super famous like Pink, Bradley Cooper or Tina Fey. 

PhillyMag has all the details:

SEPTA wants to spruce up its services in the same way, and it’s seeking your input. You can vote for your favorite Philly voice on the organization’s website — and if you do so before August 26th, you could win a free September TrailPass.

Let’s think, for a moment, about who we would want voicing our SEPTA rides. The Roots’ Questlove or Black Thought? Nick Foles? Jill Scott? Kurt Vile? Pink? Sly Stallone? Will Smith? Pink? Patti LaBelle?

To nominate someone, just fill out this form. The transportation agency will pick the 11 “most thoughtful” entries to receive prizes. As mentioned, the grand prize is a September Anywhere TrailPass — but 10 runner-ups will receive SEPTA t-shirts. 

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