McDonald’s to Give Away McGold Card, Granting Free McDonald's for Life!

Whoa!  It looks so pretty!  I have to say, I don't go to McDonald's often, but when I do, there is nothing quite like their Egg McMuffin and their cheeseburgers.  In fact I had a cheeseburger in the airport before I flew to Chicago a few weeks ago.  The combo of ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions and cheese.  I mean, YUM!

Anyway, I digress.  There's been a legend over the years that the McGold Card exists.  The card when the person who owns it, gets FREE McDonald's for LIFE!  Turns out, it DOES in fact exist, and only a few people have one.  And now, one of those exclusive card holders CAN BE YOU! 

For a chance to win free McDonald’s for life, customers in the United States need to download the McDonald’s app and place an order via Mobile Order & Pay from Aug. 10 through Aug. 24. According to the fast food chain, only one entry per day per customer is permitted.

So hurry and download the McDonald's app ASAP, and downland the iHeartRadio app while you're at it!  

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