Idris Elba to Star in New Movie About North Philly Cowboys!

This is amazing!  I definitely have seen men riding horses around the city, but I had NO IDEA it has such an incredible backstory!  It's based off the real life story of the urban cowboy scene in North Philly!

Idris signed on to produce and star in Ghetto Cowboy, a movie based on the 2011 young adult novel by the same name.  Cole, a 15-year-old African American boy from Detroit whose mother abandons him and sends him to live in North Philadelphia with his father, whom he had never met. In North Philadelphia, Cole discovers the city’s urban cowboy subculture and winds up fighting the city when the city tries to shut down the stables and take his horse away. Elba will play the boy’s father.

“This compelling tale of latter-day cowboy justice champions a world where your friends always have your back, especially when the chips are down,” reads a description of the book from the publisher. 

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