It Looks Like an "ALF" Reboot is in the Works!

Well it seems like the theme for TV and Movies is to bring back old classics.  Full House, Buffy, Will & Grace, and now Alf!  It really was a fun show, even though it was a really strange concept when you think about it.  HA!

Here are the details:

  • Warner Bros. Television is working on the reboot, there are no writers attached to the project as of now. The original version of the television show visited the misadventures of a cat-eating “ALF” - which stands for “alien life form” who originates for the planet Melmac and after crashing into Earth moves in with the middle class, Tanner family.

  • “Alf” aired on NBC from 1986-1990, in the reboot “Alf” will return after being held at Area 51 and will explore how things have changed since he’s been gone.

  • Did you watch ALF? What is your favorite 80’s sitcom?

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