(WATCH) Chase Utley Returns to Citizens Bank Park One Last Time!

Man, this made me real emotional.  Chase Utley is one of if not the most beloved Phillies player of all time.  He not only brought us a World Series Championship, but he made sure everyone knew that we are WORLD FU$KING CHAMPIONS!  He now plays for the LA Dodgers, and a few weeks ago he announced that he would be retiring from baseball after this season.  He announced it when he did, because he knew he was coming back to Philly to play 3 games.  Last night was game one in the three game series and it was emotional.  Not only was the stadium packed, but they gave him an ovation so loud it made you tear up.  It hasn't been said for certain if he will retire as a Phillie, but one would think he couldn't possibly NOT retire as a Phillie, right? 

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