Made in America is Staying in Philly "For Years to Come!"

The Power of Jay Z is something we should all admire!   Obviously it started last week when the city announced (kind of...but they never released an official statement) that Made in America would no longer be on the Parkway.  Jay Z and Roc Nation were NOT happy.  So much so that Jay Z wrote an Op Ed to The Mayor Kenney finally released an official statement saying, we love the event.  Over the weekend and into yesterday, Roc Nation (Jay Z's company) and the city had a bunch of meetings well finally it was announced that the festival is STAYING in Philly and on the Parkway!

"The Made in America festival belongs in Philadelphia ā€“ the birthplace of our country ā€“  and Iā€™m optimistic that we can turn an unfortunate misunderstanding into a positive outcome and even stronger event," Kenney said in an emailed statement. "I look forward to working with Roc Nation and Live Nation, and maintaining this Philadelphia tradition for years to come."

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