Eagles' Doug Pederson Has Cameo in Ice Cube Movie!

Man, the internet just continues to win!  Thanks to our friends at Philly.com and some really great Eagles fans with a keen eye on Reddit, we now know that before Doug Pederson was winning Super Bowls, he was a Hollywood star.  Well, kind of.  

Reddit users over the weekend uncovered a cameo Pederson made in the 2008 film The Longshots. The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot occurs midway through the film, doesn’t involve a line of dialogue and is so brief, Pederson isn’t even named in the credits following the movie.

The movie, staring Ice Cube and directed by Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst, was based on the story of Jasmine Plummer. In 2003, the 11-year-old became the first female quarterback to lead a team to the Pop Warner Super Bowl. In his brief appearance, Pederson plays an opposing high school football coach.

But it’s definitely him.  Check out the video and tweets below!

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