Eagles Carson Wentz is Officially a Married Man!

Carson Wentz makes it official!  Not that he's definitely starting for Eagles first game of the season, that's still up in the air, but in official in that he's MARRIED!  He took to Instagram and Twitter today to announce he married his girlfriend Maddie over the weekend.  (He proposed to her in Feb, two days after the Super Bowl).

What's even cooler?  Eagles fans were actually on the lake kayaking and saw the whole thing. HA!

The newlyweds were spotted at the Lakehouse Inn in East Rockhill Township in Bucks County.

Oh and Zach Ertz was IN the wedding!  I'm assuming Jordan Mathews was too.  They always went to Haiti together, which is where he met Maddie.  Btw, they have only been together a YEAR!  Guess there's hope for me!  (Knock on wood)!  :)  HA!

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