McDonald's to Test Plastic Straw Ban!

I'm not sure if they can use paper in the UK, why they just can't do it here as well, but at least they are testing using other materials besides plastic straws here in the US.  I really don't understand though why other countries have bans on harmful chemicals and yet we do not.  Eating in Europe is so much healthier than it is here.  It's like they want us to be sick.  I was at a coffee shop in Fairmont the other day and they had paper straws!  I was so excited!  We must do whatever we can do protect our world.

Fast Company broke down the details:

"The news about McDonald's comes after the company announced it would adopt paper straws at all of its U.K. locations this year, reports USA Today. It’s not known at this time what material McDonald’s will use for its alternate straws in America, but paper seems to be the option of choice for food chains ready to ditch plastic straws. Plastic straws have come under fire from environmental activists because of their single-use nature and the fact that they don’t easily biodegrade. Worldwide attention to plastic straw use and alternatives picked up after a video of a sea turtle with a straw up its nose went viral last year." (See below)

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