A Will Smith Mural Just Went Up in West Philly!

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This is fantastic!  Although I'm a little upset at Will that he NEVER comes back to Philly.  Same with Bradley Cooper.  He was all about Philly, then bam, stopped coming back.  Kevin Hart is really the only celebrity who still comes back to not only visit, but also does GOOD and gives back!

Now a London based artist, painted a mural to ode to Will Smith, in yes, West Philly!

6bac has the details:

The artist didn't come visit Philly to scout, he used, get this, Google Maps!

"I typed in West Philadelphia and zoomed in and it put me pretty much where the wall is. I used the street-view to virtually drive up and down and found this wall. It was the biggest I could find and just felt right," Wilson said.It turns out, the wall is located near the Global Leadership Academy Charter School.

60ft tall Will Smith! Work in Progress... I’ve wanted to paint Will for ages, and it only made sense in West Philly 🌍 I actually found this wall using Google Maps a few months ago, its right by the park Will rhymes about in ‘Summertime’ I came out a couple months ago to knock on the door of the building, but the owner was away 😫but few months later and with some help from my friends (Pete, Tayyib, Rich, Gaby ❤️🙌) we got the permissions, ran around Philly getting all my paint, hired the lift and this pic is about 5 days in. A few things happened that gave me the context of how to paint him, it was sooooo vivid in my head. If you dont already, follow him! #inspiring #motivating #willsmith Making new friends here, loving Philadelphia! Back at it tomorrow loadssss still to do #spraypaint #portraits

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