Hold Your Eyeline! Crayola Just Launched a MAKEUP LINE!

Man, how great was it to open a fresh box of crayons?  The colors, the smell, the excitement of what you can do with them, what you can create.  Well now, you can color your face...literally!  

Elle gave us the breakdown!

Crayola Beauty launches exclusively at ASOS.com. It has a whopping 58 pieces (all vegan!) and range from $15 to $40. There are face crayons, lip and cheek crayons, color-changing lip crayons, highlighters, mascaras, palettes, and brushes. True to the brand's DNA, the colors are highly pigmented and the options are (pretty much) endless with a grand total of 95 (!) shades.

Everyone swears by ASOS so I need to start ordering some clothes and now this makeup!

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