Forbes Reveals the List of Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes!

Once again, Forbes reveals the highest paid athletes in the world list.  The list is 100 athletes.  100.  AND NOT ONE WOMAN MADE THE LIST!  NOT ONE!  

As you can see below, in 2016, Serena Williams was 51, but dropped out in 2017 because she had a baby.  You know, she CREATED LIFE so that made her drop of out of the Top 100.  I haven't done the research, but I bet there are a few male athletes on this list who ALSO had a child in 2017 and didn't drop out of the list.  Man it grinds my gears.  100 athletes and not one woman!  We have to to change this!  How crazy that Matt Stafford is on the list (QB of the Detroit Lions) and hasn't even made it to the playoffs in the last few years!

*1. Floyd Mayweather Boxing $285

2. Lionel Messi Soccer $111

3. Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer $108

4. Conor McGregor MMA $99

5. Neymar Soccer $90

6. LeBron James NBA $85.5

7. Roger Federer Tennis $77.2

8. Stephen Curry NBA $76.9

9. Matt Ryan  NFL $67.3

10. M. Stafford NFL $59.5* 

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