Justin Timberlake Yells "FLY EAGLES FLY" During His Show in Philly!

Justin Timberlake was at the Wells Fargo Center last night for the last leg of the first part of his US Tour.  (He'll be back in Philly in December).  I was there, with amazing seats, SWOONING the entire time!  He's just SO GOOD!  I am extremely fortunate to see alot of shows, Pink was by far the best so far, but JT is a very close second.  Not only did he did ALL THE HITS, literally, everyone, which is always a big deal for me, because we the people, WANT TO SEE THE HITS!  

Anyway, he did all the hits, and then, at the end, as everyone thought it was over, as the entire stage was dark, he yelled "FLY EAGLES FLY!"  THE CROWD WENT NUTS, obviously!  

As you might remember, Justin did the Super Bowl halftime show where the EAGLES WON!!!!  I feel like after that, he now has some Eagle love in him.  

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