Where to Celebrate Harry & Megan's Royal Wedding in Philly!

I can't help it, I'm totally into the Royal Wedding.  Maybe it's because Suits is my FAVORITE show, maybe because I LOVE Hallmark Movies and this really IS a real life Hallmark Movie!  I unfortunately will be in Dallas, TX this weekend so I can't celebrate in Philly, but if you're in town, you should totally play it up and enjoy!  It's important to note that the festivities will start around 5am, yes 5AM here because the UK is ahead of us.  So go to bed early on Friday, wake up early on Saturday, and pretend you're a royal!  You never know, maybe your prince or princess is visiting Philadelphia for the weekend? 

Our friends at PhillyMag have the FULL LIST HERE, and some even allow you to bring you dog.  Bonus points if you have a corgi!  

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