Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Sing "Wawa Hoagies"

Ha!  How great is this!?  The best part about The Roots being on The Tonight Show, besides the fact they are The Roots is that they talk about and give Philly ALOT of love!  (Obviously because The Roots are from Philly).  On Monday night's episode, Jimmy Fallon did a bit about ridiculous songs that we in fact actual songs and the Wawa Hoagie song made the list!  

Our friends from PhillyMag have more info:

Aaron Out wrong the song, and had this to say about it:  He's a 2011 Abington High School grad, and he told Philadelphia magazine last year that he wrote the song (his first ever) in about 40 minutes, after he forgot his lunch at work one day, “went to Wawa and smelled the deli food, and I just thought, I should try to make a song about it.”

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