Joel Embiid Went to Church...and Made a New Best Friend!

Gah, I LOVE him!  He just fits in with Philly SO WELL!  His personality, his down-to-earth-ness.  It's like he was MADE to be here!

It was the 5:30p Mass on Sunday at St Kevin's Church in Springfield Delaware County, when right around communion, they noticed Joel Embiid was there!

Reporters asked him yesterday what made him go to church and he said:

“Everybody was excited,” Embiid told reporters during a press conference. “I had fun too. I’m Catholic, it was Sunday and it’s the thing to do I felt like going to church… I needed to go to church.”

Kristen Murphy, one of the mom's told CBS3:

“Thank you for being so kind to all those kids. Every one of those kids in that church will remember for the rest of their lives,” Kristen said.

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