(WATCH) Sister Jean Talks About Going on a Date with Charles Barkley!

Seriously, the best thing that has happened in the last month is Sister Jean.  If you're not familiar, she's the 98 year old - YES 98 (!!!) - nun who serves as Team Chaplin for Loyola-Chicago Men's Basketball team.  They weren't expected to go very far in the NCAA tournament, but through some kind of divine intervention, they made it to the Finale 4, in what some are saying is a miracle made by Sister Jean!

She is SO CUTE and I am OBSESSED with her!  She's 98!  And she conducts interviews like she's 50! I went to Catholic School my whole life, so I do believe in miracles. 

Her and Sir Charles have a love for each other that is also adorable.  Check it out below!

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