Eagle's Torrey Smith Surprises Superfan with a Facetime from Carson Wentz!

I watched this 30 times and teared up every single one!  Torrey Smith's wife Chanel is from the area.  She was a track star at Plymouth Whitemarsh, went to Univsrity of Maryland, where she and Torrey met.  They moved back to the area when Torrey signed with the Eagles this season.  Chanel's sister is a teacher and Torrey surprised the students yesterday with a visit.  

One of the kids was so excited he couldn't stop crying when he met Torrey, and Torrey took it even further and after asking who is favorite player is, HE FACETIMED CARSON!  

So not only did Torrey go visit the students, he took the time to call Carson for one of them, and then Carson answered...on the day he announced his engagement!  Talk about INCREDIBLE HUMANS!

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