One of TV's Most ICONIC Shows is Now on Hulu!

Ah!  Before George Clooney was George Clooney, he was the hottie doc on ER!

'ER' Debuts On Hulu

  • Remember that show 'ER' where the ladies first fell in love with George Clooney? It's now streaming on Hulu.  
  • Hulu announced Sunday that it has exclusive rights to stream the show, and will make all 15 seasons available for your viewing pleasure for the first time ever.
  • 'ER' made it's debut in 1994 and was the most nominated drama in Emmy history. The show helped to launch the careers of Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies, and George Clooney.  
  • "I was lucky to have worked with so many actors, writers, and directors all at the top of their game," said Clooney, "I'm excited it will finally be streaming on Hulu." 
  • 'ER' is available to stream now. You gonna have yourself a binge session? 
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