Workers Plant William Penn At Top New Comcast Tower to Avoid Curse!

I love this story!  Whoever thought of this is BRILLIANT!  If you're from Philly, then you know about the The Curse of Billy Penn.  The story goes, there was a gentleman's agreement that no building in Philly should ever be taller than Willam Penn's hat atop City Hall.  Well as well know, plenty of buildings have been built in the city since.  But we never won a championship.  UNTIL someone came up with the genius idea to put a small William Penn statue on top of the NEW Comcast tower in 2007, so once again, William's hat WILL be the tallest point in the city.  And as we know, the Phillies won the World Series in 2008.

Ten years later, the new Comcast tower is just about finished and the iron workers said, WE NEED A WILLIAM PENN so he's at the highest point in the city!  And they got one, and placed him there this week!

Comcast spokesman John Demming said that “the workers wanted to ensure that Billy Penn was up there for the Eagles and we’re totally happy with that.”

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