Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats Are Coming This Holiday Season

Some people love pumpkin spice everything for the holidays, and some like cinnamon to really get into the Christmas spirit.

Well, Kit Kat has a new flavor coming this holiday season and it's Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats!

You're probably wondering what they taste like... According to the packaging, the newest breakable miniature chocolate bars are “crisp wafers in sweet cinnamon-flavored milk chocolate.” In other words, the cinnamon delivers a subtle flavor boost. Have no fear, these Kit Kats don’t have an overwhelming cinnamon bite, and chocolate is certainly still the prominent note.

The latest Kit Kat flavor can be found at major retailer this November. The miniature bars will be sold in 9-oz. bags at a suggested retail price of $3.49. They’re individually wrapped in packaging that makes the bars resemble elves, green suits and all.

The Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats will be available for a limited time, so get them as soon as you see them!

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