Thorp students and parents participate in Anti-Bully Walk Out

Shout out to students and parents of Thorp School District who walked out Thursday morning all due to bullying. And not just teasing - real s**tty bullying that no student should have to deal with

It all started after a middle school football player was allegedly held down and hazed on multiple occasions. The student only speaking out after over four months of the reported harassment.

His Mom's FB page created called "Enough is Enough", to inform her community what her family has been experiencing, and ask for their help in putting a stop to severe bullying in their schools.

"It's an unbelievable feeling as a parent to be grateful to not come home to a dead kid,"

The mother says she's thankful her son was able to come forward to them, but says what already been done is hard to bare, "to know that he endured what he endured for four weeks -- it just plays over and over in my head like a movie reel."

More than 100 members of the community, parents and students participated in the walk out which lasted more than an hour.

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