Hang Glider Takes Off With Passenger Holding On For Dear Life

Let me preface this by saying the guy is okay. Injured but okay. A guy on vacation in Switzerland was going to do some hang gliding. Since this was his first time, he went with a pilot who would steer and guide the aircraft, he would be able to take in the view. 

Unfortunately, that's not what happened. The pilot forgot to strap his harness into the hang glider. As they take off and fly, the tourist starts holding on for dear life as the pilot quickly tries to get the hang glider back down to the ground. He's literally dangling from a hang glider as they go higher and higher. Since there aren't any engines on a hang glider, they're somewhat at the mercy of the wind. At one point it looks like they'll be able to make an emergency landing but the wind picks them up and sends them higher into the sky. 

Meanwhile, the guy is still holding on. He has one hand on the pilot's leg and the other on the landing gear. 

Just when he thinks he can't stay on any longer, the hang glider comes close enough to the ground for him to let go and fall. 

He had to get surgery for a fracture from the fall but he says he'd love to try hang gliding again. 

This is a nightmare of mine. Mistakes happen, but this is a pretty big one. I'm glad the guy is in good spirits, but wow I would definitely not want to hang glide ever again. 

Take a look at the video: 

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