Here’s A Look At Major Events That Will

2018:— 2 new countries potentially formed in S. Pacific— Men’s FIFA World Cup held in Russia

2019:— Women’s FIFA World Cup in France— The U.K. officially leaves the European Union

2020:— Jeddah Tower opens in Saudi Arabia to become the tallest structure in the world— Summer Olympics in Tokyo— Construction begins on first ever ‘space hotel’

2021:— India launches their first ever manned space mission

2022:— Men’s FIFA World Cup held in Qatar— China constructs their first space station— Winter Olympics hosted in Beijing

2023:— Copyrights on the earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons will expire under U.S. copyright law

2024:— Space X plans on launching their first rocket carrying cargo to Mars— Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link completed, a direct rail and highway link that connects Northern Germany to Copenhagen

2025:— The largest observatory in the world will be completed, 10x the resolution power of the Hubble Space Telescope— The United Kingdom will have completely done away with all coal power



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